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I started to create this city in 2010 working with Opensimulator but without open access to everyone, first it had the name: Extreme Racers City (the name from my old browser web game which I created back in that date), the city was not so "realistic", very long roads, buildings with no entrances, etc.

Then when I decided to create my 3rd web browser game: Night Chase Killing, I decided to create some separate regions from the old one, and copy only some good buildings I made, others are now completely loss.

In the following picture, you can see the state which the city was on 2013-2014, when I paused it for 3 years until 2017 (when I could continue again with the project)

The name of Ciudad 404 I choosen it by the name of Ciudad which is the word City but in spanish, and 404 the http error of not found, the 404 I choosen it for 2 reasons:

  1. It's a city which doesn't exist, and can't be found (not based anywhere, for that the http error reference)
  2. Was going to replace the old city, so the old one was gonna be missing at the moment I finished the first block of streets, buildings

My goal was to create a small district and move it by pressing on the arrow directions on the image, so you could move forward, back, left or right and then I show another image of the route, was a nice experient/prototype to do the things on the web, but after that, I wanted to expand more and more the city, make it more realistic, on a simple idea my goal was make it very large, but working with Opensim I had several issues with performance once I started to create a lot of regions, my first step was to create big regions.

SizeX = 512
SizeY = 512
SizeZ = 256

This you see, is a config on Opensim to create a bigger region, I tested with more bigger and definitely I decided to do this way and not with 1024/1024 because of the prim limits (probably will not happen nothing, but I wanted only to create the region by x2 of their normal size which is 256x256).

In this video you'll see all the city into 1 mega-region on one of my tests, but after this I decided which I said below, better the region with the double size.


The year 2019 I decided finally to publish and migrate my regions to a Public Grid, was not an easy decision, until with some of research I seen how to do it perfectly, I created the .oar files (let's say backup files for region content), after that I downloaded the files for a already setup-grid and I only needed to create the configuration of the regions for OSGrid, I started to see where I could place my regions (since are several) and with the help of their map I placed it where it was my first coordinates, but after a long time I decided to create some new districts: Airport and Docks (Still not developed any idea there, just empty islands right now), my goal was made finally, I set up all the regions like it was a giant island (not reallistic at all, but trying my best).

From 2019 I wanted to continue expanding and create more buildings, subway lines but was not having so much time, some days every week or by month, I continue updating this mega city project, which I hope to finish a day.

The history on the name of the districts is the following:

  • Downtown: I choosen it since is how normally is defined the important part for business and the center of the city, on the N64 game Rush 2: Extreme Racing Usa one of my favorites map was the one of New York-Downtown (it had very nice shortcuts) and the Financial district of APB Reloaded
  • Waterfront: Personally I picked this from the game Burnout 3 Takedown from the Waterfront circuit, one of my favorites, also because of Waterfront Plaza of Burnout Paradise and finally of APB Reloaded the district of Waterfront District
  • Uphills: This district I choosen it because the district was on the north part of the city and the one which had the most elevated terrain.
  • Seaside: This name was choosen since I don't wanted to have a district very large, so I splitted Waterfront to 2, the most upper got this name.
  • Harbor (Docks): Self explanatory name
  • Airport: I choosen this name because my plan was to make a airport on the sea, with a bridge, was gonna be also a map for one of my old browser games, but later I decided to shut down the browser game.

On the Menu you can see the full map, soon I'll try to put more information about every district, their own map with view from the top and more things.