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Ciudad404 is splitted into several districts, each one it contains a bit of which it was their main roleplay when I was creating my browser games.

The islands have the name Ciudad_404_<number> where the number are the ones described on the picture of the left.

  • Downtown: The main district, it contains the most important avenue of all the city, with High Buildings, offices, stores and other services.
  • Seaside: A residencial district with high buildings, hotels, restaurants and stores.
  • Waterfront: This district has the beaches, stores for the fishermans, restaurants, the most luxurious hotels and the stop for the Cruise ships which arrive to the city.
  • Uphills: The district of the mansions, hotels and luxurious buildings.
  • Harbor (Docks): The docks where it loads and unloads the containers filled with the local industry of the city or for exports.
  • Airport: Where all the influx of tourists enters the city (excluding the ones which came from the Cruise ships), on the nights once the flights ends the illegal racers always go to drive inside it.