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This it's the page of my personal project of Ciudad 404, a large scale city made in Opensimulator, currently is found on, there if you have a account you can connect directly without using hypergrid (on the menu on the option of How to connect there are more details)

It's a project I started before 2011 (which I called it Extreme Racers City), but after 2011 I wanted to make the city more realistic, and I'm still deleting some old buildings and creating more to replace the old ones, so I wanted to separate it, and named it Ciudad 404, 'Ciudad' is the word for City in Spanish, and 404 the http error when a page is not found.

The city it's split into several districts, every one with some characteristics like tall buildings, hotels, a racing circuit, and more, it's still a WIP (Work In Progress), once I have some spare time and inspiration I run to try do more buildings, streets or something that.

If you have a comment, you can send me a PM on Osgrid to my character Monica Cloud, so when I enter I can read it.